How To Select And Install A Split System Air Conditioner At Your Home?

After a long, exhausting, and hot day, the joy of relaxing in a split system air conditioner room. In temperate regions, the necessity of air conditioners is more due to crippling temperatures that soar like a volcano unleashing after bubbling up.

 In recent years, split system air conditioners have taken the world by storm. A split system air conditioner comprises two primary parts- a compressor located outside and an air outlet unit on the inside. 

A central conditioning system is substantially expensive and window units are usually noisy, and bulky. An unobtrusive way to combat this and bring pleasantly cool air into your home is to install a split system air conditioner. 

The outdoor unit of this air conditioner is on the exterior wall of the room. The outdoor unit comprises the compressor, condenser coil, and expansion coil or capillary tubing. 

How to select the right split air conditioner system for your home?

With increasing market competition, choosing the right split system air conditioner can be a little overwhelming. we have got you covered! Here is an all-inclusive list of all the things that you should consider when selecting the right air conditioner for yourself. Read on:

The 1st thing you should do is to measure the dimensions of the space where you wish to install the split system air conditioner. You do not want to tackle space issues after buying the model. The other important aspect is analyzing the room in which the system is going to get installed.

 If you have a small room you invest in a small model, the model will be incompetent and would not be able to meet the temperature requirements. If your room is small and you go for a big model, it will consume unnecessary energy.

The windows: The size of your windows can affect the capacity of the air condition required. Large windows mean a greater chance of heat loss or heat gain between the indoors and the outdoors

Remote control: Remote control feature enables the user to switch on or switch off the split system without requiring moving physically.

Fan speed: You can choose from a plethora of fan speeds that suit your needs.

Odour removal: Nobody wants an AC that starts imparting a sour smell whenever it is switched on. Odour removing function removed the smell of mildew from damp homes and other undesired and sour odours such as cigarette smoke, and so on. 

Gas ducted heating: This is a very important thing to keep in mind. Many people often forget to look into this when selecting a split system air conditioner. With ducted heating, you do not have to walk out of a warm room into a cold one.

Split system air conditioners ensure seamless cooling but when paired with a gas ducted heating device, it ensures comfort and wellbeing. 

How to install a split system air conditioner? 

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Installing a split system air conditioner can be a tricky job but when done right, it can turn your home into a pleasant oasis on a hot day. We have compiled an informative guide installation guide that will turn the herculean task of installing a split-system air conditioner into a child’s play. Read on: 

Selecting the right area for installation

 A split system air conditioner should be installed on a wall that can effortlessly withstand the indoor and the outdoor unit together. A strong wall will ensure that there are no vibrations induced into the wall. Make sure that there is a distance of 15 cm above and sides of the indoor AC unit. The ideal height is 7 feet above the ground. 

Fix the mounting plate and drill outlet hole

Hold the mounting plate against the wall horizontally. You can use a measuring tape to level it properly. After leveling it horizontally, use a pencil to mark the points where drilling is to de done for fasteners. Now, drill holes on the marked points and insert plastic anchors. 

Hold the mounting plate and tighten the screws. After this is done, finally drill a hole of about 7-8 cm in an appropriate position for the pipes and wire to go out to the outdoor unit.

Mount the indoor unit

Remove the AC’s cover and lift it up to the mounting plate. Push the copper wires, drainage pipe, and the wire through the outlet hole drilled on the wall. 

Make sure that the bends in the copper pipes are smooth on maintenance and have a good cooling performance. Now slowly mount the split system air conditioner and attach the front cover to it. 

Choosing the right spot 

A distance of 30-35 cm should be present around the outdoor unit to ensure efficiency. Avoid a place that is dusty or gets direct sunlight.

Fixing the brackets: Once you select the right area for installation, start by making a hole for the brackets. Make sure they are horizontally aligned. Now, fix the bracket with the help of shipped fasteners. 

Mount the outdoor unit: Lift the outdoor unit of the AC and place it on the bracket. Simultaneously, make sure that the screw holes of the bracket and the AC unit coincide. Fasten the split system air conditioner with the bracket firmly.

Connecting the wires: Now, open the cover over the electrical ports. Follow the connection diagram of the AC unit, connect the power cable to the outdoor unit. Connect the wires as suggested by the manufacturer to avoid undesirable damages.

Connect the copper pipes: Before you connect the copper pipes, use the vacuum pump to clean them thoroughly. Now connect the copper pipes to the corresponding port using flare nuts. Make sure the flare nuts are tightly closed. Now, open both the gas valves. Voila! Your installation has been done successfully. 

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Where to buy a split system air conditioner?

A split system air conditioner is an important investment. It should be bought from a reliable company. Total electrics and air conditioning are the best deals out there. We provide our customers with seamless service and our products are optimized for use. We have a dynamic experience and know exactly what our customers want.

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