Split Air Conditioner For Your Home And Business

How To Choose The Best Split AC For Home And Business

The industry for split system air conditioners is quite vast. Every manufacturer offers different products which suit different needs. Once we evaluate what we require out of the split system air conditioners, choosing the right system will be easy for us. Let us take a look at the factors which can influence which split air conditioner we buy for our homes and businesses.

Split Air Conditioner For Your Home And Business

What Are The Benefits Of Split Air Conditioners

More and more people are switching to split air conditioners from wall units and other cooling systems. This is because split system air conditioners offer various benefits such as:

  • The temperature in each room is managed efficiently.
  • Better energy ratings than other types of cooling systems.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Comparatively easier to clean.
  • Keeps costs low.

Factors Based On Which You Buy Split System Air Conditioners For Your Home And Business

Energy consumption levels

Just like other air conditioning Melbourne devices, split air conditioners also have various energy consumption levels based on the build and the capacity. These machines usually come with energy rating labels that specify how many units of electricity they will consume per hour. This is an important factor to consider as it will directly impact the energy bill you receive at the end of the month.

Another way to minimize the energy consumption levels is by making the indoor space as energy-efficient as possible. For example, you could:

  • Open the doors and windows on a windy day.
  • Keep the doors closed when the air conditioner is switched on.
  • Use both ceiling fans and air conditioners to improve the airflow in the room

Power of the equipment

Regardless of which air conditioner you choose, you must do so keeping in mind how large the indoor space is. If it is a small room or space, one split air conditioner will be enough. If it is a large office hallway, you may require more than one in some cases. Some of the factors that influence the power of the air conditioners you need to buy for efficient cooling such as:

  • The temperature outdoors: How hot is it usually outside?
  • The wall’s surface material: What material is the wall made of?
  • The room’s orientation: How big is the room?
  • Accommodation capacity: How many people can the room accommodate at once?
  • Time of the year you will be using the air conditioner in.
  • The roofing material: What material is the roof made of? Does it absorb more heat or does heat bounce off it?

System features

Thanks to the latest technologies, most split system air conditioners now come equipped with inverter technology. How does it work?

  • It regulates the air conditioning mechanisms by alternating the electric cycle’s frequency.
  • Unlike older devices where the compressor would start and stop at random intervals, it provides the room with a constant and maintained temperature level.
  • This keeps the monthly energy bills constant by reducing unnecessary consumption. What’s more, this increases the life of the compressor as well.

New split system air conditioners now come with ionizing filters which keeps the room free of bacteria, pollen and other particles. This feature is beneficial to people with dust and other types of airborne allergies. Do note, while buying an air conditioner with this facility might be more expensive, it ultimately offers you better health.

Other features to consider are the different fan speeds available. The fan is responsible for circulating air around the indoor space. Hence, you should consider buying split system air conditioners that have multiple fan speeds which can cool down the room in a few minutes if you desire.

Split system air conditioners are also equipped with an inbuilt thermostat. This allows the machine to deliver the right temperature you have set on the remote control. It is a very simple process; all you have to do is set the desired temperature. The thermostat adjusts the airflow and output based on the current indoor temperature in the room.

Split heat and cold functions

Do you desire your air conditioner to only provide cool air or hot air as well? Newer devices are equipped with reversible heat pumps. This enables the device to cool the indoor environment  during the hotter months and heat the room up when it is cold through gas ducted heating. If the winter is not too harsh, it can function well by warming up the room while keeping energy costs low. 


Every individual has different requirements from their split air conditioners. Some may require it to provide a huge cooling output, especially in the hottest zones, whereas, some may be fine with regular cooling. Whatever type of air conditioner you buy, these are some pointers to remember before you make the final purchase. Contact for  air conditioning installation in Melbourne.

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